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Flower Donation Service. Available in all areas of the country. Request a donation to your loved one or friend at any time. Fill out the form to the Left. Shop will use your phone number to gather required delivery information.

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Donation Of Supplies Supplies ; hemp cording beads, oil base. vial conatiners small or large. flower blooms

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Letter For Sponsorship 

To Recipient 

Spring 2016 

From Cheyenne Scharff

Directing Officer 

Send Flower & Native Ecology Fund 

To Sponsoring Board, 

I am contacting you as the directing officer for the development of the non-profit Send Flowers and Ecology Fund to ask for Sponsorship. Send Flowers as a non-proft will connect individuals to a network of gift-giving. The project has expected benefits on the local level, similar to craigslist, free cycle and twitter. The non-profit objective is to create a network of supporters that will contribute to a pool of money used for the system. Currently we are in the process of accruing a network base and sponsorship. Objectively, Send Flowers will alleviate stress in its beneficiaries, native Botanic Gardens. The company is looking to raise $3,000 in the coming summer. Sponsorship can be done in the following ways by navigating paypal and sending money to Send Flowers, email; Donations of 100, 2500 3000 will be the foundation's reserve for its objective and goals. One of which is filling a hospital floor with bouquets. In return ad space can be spared on business cards. Sponsors can also be listed on company websites.

 To reply please contact:

 Cheyenne Scharff


August 24, 2016
to whom it may concern

Subject: Send Flowers donation Fund

Pour le Fleurs flower Society is pleased to submit this request for your review. We look forward to your partnership in our cooperative efforts to establish a fund for gifting.

Send Flower donation Fund is a public service fund for the gifting of flower arrangements. Our proposal requests $ 1,000,000 to launch the program. Funds will be used for the donation of flower arrangements. A forum will be created. Some funds will go towards salary, equipment, and tuition. The fund will support $ 58000 for the purpose of flower donations in the first year. Grant money will support the first year expenses, salary, and the ability to continue independently in 2018.

For the first year the public website and request form will be online and 1500 donations for sentiment and celebration will be available.

In the second year with the help of a small shop the self running Send Flowers donation Fund can be available. A sales plan and product are in the planning and a future yearly revenue of $ 1000 can be expected.

The fund is available for those who can’t afford to send public sentiment. On the forum they will be able to do so. The fund can reach out nationally and internationally.

Having flowers in an environment can ease stress and create better relationships between people. The fund fosters the availability, and the want and need for flowers and flower arrangements in the social atmosphere. Even though it is small the fund does support the general well being of its clients in this way.

The fund can collaborate with stress management, ecology and environmental related purposes or other charities. Large subject related donations are possible.

We have not secured any funds to produce the program as yet. To request the extended proposal please contact through email.

Thank you for your interest in Pour le Fleurs flower Society. We expect this to be a great opportunity for long-term community gifting.


Cheyenne Scharff
Director Pour le Fleurs flower Society

Date of application: August 24, 2016

Name of organization. (exact legal name): Pour le Fleurs flower Society

Purpose of grant (one sentence): PF will use donation awards to maintain and manage a fund for donations of Flowers to requesters, businesses and low-income or disadvantaged.

Address of organization: no Current Address

Telephone number: No current phone Number

Executive director: Cheyenne Scharff

Is your organization an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit? (yes or no): No
If no, please explain:

We are still looking for registration funding, and professional support. Registration is pending.

Grant request: $1,000,000

Amount recieved: $0

   Check one:  General support: X   Project support: X

Total organizational budget (for current fiscal year): $1,000,000
Budget Period (mo/day/year): January 1, 2017 - through December 31, 2027

Total project budget (if requesting project support): $1,000,000

Dates covered by project budget (mo/day/year): January 1, 2017 - through December 31, 2027

Project name (if applicable):  Send Flower Yearly Fund Project

Budget Purpose:

  X    General Operating Support

  X    Project Support

Budget Period:

January 1, 2017


 December 31, 2027


II. EXPENSE yearly







General Operating Support


Government grants & contracts


Salaries & Fringe Benefits (for project budgets detail each position to be funded)




Banks & Foundations


Salaries, Fringe & OTPS


Earned Income






Insurance & taxes




Consultants & professional fees


In-kind support


In-kind expenses






Detail OTPS Expenses


Subtotal OTPS Expenses


Banks & Foundations


Equipment Register Telephone Printing


Earned Income


Supplies Register


Earned Income



Earned Income, Banks & Foundations




Earned Income, Banks & Foundations


Earned Income




Other Income (specify)


Other Expense (website)


Other Income


Other Expense (donation fund)


Other Income


Other Expense (tuition)







NET INCOME (income less expense)


OTPS (Other Than Personnel Services)